Amber’s Edibles Blog finally germinating!

Finally! Edible landscaping is the new frontier, and Amber’s Edibles has been at the forefront of selling exotic edible plants and seeds.  We have had a huge presence on Ebay [...]
Free Seeds?  What? thumbnail

Free Seeds? What?

We are looking for fantastic photographers who have great pictures of the plants we offer!  We just don’t have enough room here at Amber’s Edibles to grow all of these [...]

Latest Plants

Wild Coffee Bean thumbnail

Wild Coffee Bean

Bauhinia petersiana

Cattley Guava thumbnail

Cattley Guava

Psidium cattleianum

Horseradish Tree / Moringa thumbnail

Horseradish Tree / Moringa

Moringa oleifera

Papaya thumbnail


Carica papaya

White Raisin thumbnail

White Raisin

Grewia bicolor